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Information on Apprenticeships

Gain a recognised childcare qualification

The purpose of the apprenticeship is to gain a recognised childcare qualification whilst working in a childcare setting.This allows you to earn a wage whilst gaining a qualification and valuable experience.

Apprentices work full-time under the supervision of practitioners. All aspects of their qualification and training are delivered in nursery, but they are given coursework and portfolios from their training providers to be completed in their spare time.

An assessor/tutor visits the nursery regularly (every 4-6 weeks) to monitor their progress, carry out observations and help with coursework queries.


The amount of funding available from the government for the apprenticeship training will depend on the age of the apprentice:

  • 16 to 18 year olds – the full cost of training for Intermediate (Level 2) and Advanced (Level 3) apprenticeships will be met by the training provider.
  • 19 year olds and older – in many cases funding is available, subject to eligibility.
  • 24 years old and older – if no funding is available an Advanced Learner Loan helps pay the fees for courses between Level 3 and Level 6 (with effect from Aug 2016). Visit the GOV.UK website to find out more about Advanced Learner Loans.

The following types of people are not able to receive funding from the Government for their apprenticeship:

  • Those who are studying for or who have completed a degree
  • Non European Union residents unless they have been living in the UK for 3+ years

Qualification Level

The qualification that apprentices study is called the Early Years Educator Level 2 or Level 3. Providing that by the end of gaining this qualification, staff have achieved a minimum of a grade C in GCSE Maths and English, then this qualification will be recognised by the Department of Education as a full and relevant Level 2 or 3 qualification enabling the qualification holder to be counted in the ratio of Level 2 or 3 qualified staff in Early Years settings.

The majority of apprentices complete their Level 2 qualification before taking their Level 3. Exceptions can be made for older apprentices or for apprentices with a large amount of experience in the childcare field. It will be both the nursery manager’s and chosen training company’s decision whether or not they allow the apprentice to go straight onto their level 3 qualification.

For the level 2 qualification your contract will be for one year.  For the level 3 qualification your contract will be for two years or until you have completed your qualification, whichever occurs first. Most apprentices complete their level 3 qualification within 18 months.

Starting an apprenticeship at Noah’s Ark

To start an apprenticeship with Noah’s Ark you need to do two things:

  1. Apply for an apprentice position if available
  2. Find a training provider 

Current Vacancies

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Recommended training providers

Skills Group UK:  
01752 332442

Acacia Training: 
01752 670811

Achievement Training:
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