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Life at Noah's Ark

Childcare NurseryWhat can you expect?

When a child first starts with us we will always offer two free settling in sessions so that they can begin to familiarise themselves with the Nursery. 

Our practitioners will help you and your child to feel welcome and fill in an ‘All about Me’ booklet to find out more about your individual needs and requirements.

You are more than welcome to request a home visit from us during these initial sessions as we believe they are a great way to build links between Nursery and home.


Childrens DiariesEarly Year’s Diaries 

Every under two year old will be provided with an early year’s diary. We will include information such as what activities your child has enjoyed doing, what they have eaten as well as their drinking, toileting and sleeping routines.

Parents/carers can also use this to pass on important messages to us.

​Key person 

It can be very daunting for little ones when they first start nursery so we always assign a practitioner to be the family’s key person.

Their job is to build a warm and loving relationship with your child so that they feel safe and secure at nursery.

They also track your child’s learning and development so that they can plan specific activities for them to help them progress their learning. They will record all of this in a learning journey to share with you.

For more information about what the areas of learning are click here.